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homediggidy : tips and information for first-time homebuyers

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HomeDiggidy will soon become Readynest

It’s renovation time at HomeDiggidy. In a few months we’ll pull off the drop cloths to reveal new content and tools to help you understand the homebuying process, all under a new name: Readynest. Why Readynest? Because we’re all about readiness—building up your...

Why prequalify for your mortgage? 4 reasons to get preapproved

While it may seem intimidating to prequalify for a mortgage loan, its a great first step when you’re just beginning to shop for a home. You wouldn’t bake a cake without making sure you have all the ingredients first, right? (Unless you’re me,...

What’s the deal with tiny homes?

My mom and I like to watch HGTVs series Tiny House Hunters. After each show my mom looks at me and exclaims, “How could someone live in such a tiny home and not go stir-crazy?” I have to admit, initially I agreed with her. But after binge-watching dozens...

DIY holiday home decor on a budget

Twinkling lights! Fragrant garlands! Bright red bows and welcoming wreaths! Holiday decor is so charming…and such an expensive hassle. If you own your home, you might feel a certain pressure to dress up your house with seasonal cheer. As a renter I totally didn’t care...

How to expect the unexpected, home-buying edition

No matter how thorough your home inspection, odds are your new house will reveal a surprise shortly after you move in – and it won’t be the house-warming party! That’s why Andrea was prepared the second time she bought a house. Andrea is a digital marketing manager...

5 tips for making the most out of working from home

As I write this, I’m wearing pajamas. OK, good – now that I’ve convinced you1 that working from home is something everyone should try, I can get right to my tips on how to be successful while doing it. Create an environment that works for you When it comes to the home...

What to consider when buying an old house

Ahhhhh, charming older homes. They offer a sense of history; a glimpse into the past. While looking for an older home, you might stumble across such treasures as an icebox door, a vintage stove, gas lighting or even a horse stable as a garage. The magical appeal of...

First-time homebuyer’s dilemma: duplex or single-family home?

During our house hunt, I heard the same refrain from my parents, my aunts and uncles, family friends – even acquaintances at weddings: “You HAVE to buy a duplex.” The common wisdom is that you live in one half while renting out the other, and the rent will defray the...

Top 10 real estate listing euphemisms

The key to keeping an even keel during your house hunt is managing your expectations. Sometimes the difference between a real estate listing and reality can be crushing – the moment when you walk through the door and realize that “cozy yet open concept one-bedroom,...


Homebuyer Education Videos

Buying Your First Home With a Low-Down-Payment Mortgage

Recent college grads (and newlyweds) Kat and Jake didn’t let down payment or student loan debt get in the way of purchasing their first home.

The secret to buying a house when you’re only 23

Amy is a pretty typical Millennial. She graduated from college in 2015, lives and works in an urban area, enjoys bike riding, playing her guitar, and weekend brunch. One thing that is not exactly typical: She bought a house two weeks before her 24th birthday.

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It starts with a tiny spark of an inkling that grows into a possibility, a probability and finally an actuality.

As with so many other good dreams, that’s pretty much how people become homeowners. That’s what we’re here for, to walk with you through the maze, regardless of where you are.

We are not your typical homeownership experts, but we are a blend of long-time homeowners and new homeowners. We are renters just starting to entertain the idea of thinking about homeownership. Some of us live with our parents — a galaxy far, far away from owning our own home — but want to start laying down a good base to be ready later.
So our content is driven by personal experience and from research. We hope to help you save a few steps, to avoid pitfalls and get to the prize as soon as you’re ready to.

So dig in, make comments, ask questions. We will work hard to anticipate and find answers for the information you need to find, afford and love a home of your own.

the team

Who we are

HomeDiggidy is brought to you by the Millennial staff of writers and designers at MGIC (although we do allow a few Baby Boomers and GenXers to contribute now and then). We created this website because we know that buying a home for the first time can be a scary process. Our research- and experience-driven original content offers peer insights on everything from the advantages of low-down-payment mortgage loans to the importance of maintaining a good credit score. Our company has been involved in the mortgage process for more than 60 years now — so we’re in a great position to guide you.


Liz Keuler is the editor of HomeDiggidy. She recently landed at MGIC after 10 years of meandering through radio, nonprofits and the corporate world. She and her husband live in a charming 100-year-old bungalow on Milwaukee’s East Side. Her interests include old Ernst Lubitsch films, new action movies, 60s girl pop, Regency romance novels, word games, sewing and shallots.


Emily Whaling has an eye for color (pink, in particular), shape and space. Good thing because she is our website’s graphic designer. She came to MGIC in 2005 with a hatbox for a portfolio; we glommed on to her and haven’t let her go.


Shelley Sines is a Libra and Milwaukee native who has worked at MGIC since graduating from college in 2007. She and her husband are proud, exhausted parents of 2 adorable and unruly toddlers. Besides spending time with her family, she loves being outdoors, eating guacamole and watching football. Other stuff she likes (in no particular order): turtles, dictionaries, yoga, curry, Harry Potter, olive oil, peonies, camping, wine, graph paper.


Robin Wetherbee has been writing for MGIC about mortgage insurance and homeownership since 1989. She and her handsome husband reside in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. They share their freshly empty nest, which she calls her “Miracle on 34th Street” house (if you’ve seen the 1947 movie, you’ll know exactly what she means) with their big-old black cat, Max Rayfield Gilhooly.


Zak Stoiber is a marketing specialist at MGIC, writing being his specialty, and an avid reader of books, some of which do not contain pictures. He currently resides in an apartment with his two roommates and is an aspiring homeowner, though he refuses to move out until he has enough material for his autobiographical urban rom-com.


Gretchen has spent about 20 years in marketing, with 11 of those being at MGIC. She lives in Milwaukee’s hipster Bay View neighborhood in a 1919 home with her 2 kitties, Sylver (a sweet fluff-bucket) and Henry (another obnoxious red-head ). Gretchen enjoys playing music, photography, garlic, history, volunteering, speaking Spanish, sarcasm, killing zombies and faking it on the accordion.


Gunnar Raasch is a recent college graduate with almost no experience in or knowledge of the housing market. His internship at MGIC, however, has surrounded him with a wealth of incredibly knowledgeable co-workers who are helpful in showing him the ropes. He’s also a slightly below average hockey defenseman and a slightly above average Tetris player who moved back in with his parents. Though he plans on renting for the next few years, he hopes to be as prepared as possible when he one day enters the realm of home-buying.


Vance Edwards has been working to help get people into homes since joining MGIC back in 1999, after brief tours in the Army, college and a Milwaukee advertising company. He’s bought 3 homes (and sold 2) along the way, using them with his wife Carrie to raise 2 remarkable children, Hailey and Trevan. Vance loves baseball at any level, is part of a comedy sketch & improv team, and has won national playwriting awards.


Laura Kapp is the creative director of the writing and design team at MGIC. Her messy desk proves the saying, “Creative minds are rarely tidy.” She lives in a late- Fifties ranch-style home with her husband, Andy, and their 2 dogs: Molly and Dublin. A cat, Gracie, allows them all to live with her (on most days).


Margaret Crowley is our website’s Big Head, in addition to manager of MGIC’s marketing and customer experience. She was just 22 with twins when she bought her first house. After a long stint of living in the burbs, she recently became a resident of Milwaukee’s Lower East Side with the purchase of a 140-year-old Victorian, complete with its own ghost whose moans resemble that of a tall, hirsute biped in a movie whose name rhymes with “car wars.” (Her husband says it’s the furnace turning off, but Margaret knows better.)