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HomeDiggidy will soon become Readynest

Pardon our dust—construction is underway.

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It’s renovation time at HomeDiggidy. In a few months we’ll pull off the drop cloths to reveal new content and tools to help you understand the homebuying process, all under a new name: Readynest.

Why Readynest? Because we’re all about readiness—building up your confidence and knowledge of what it takes to buy a home. Plus, we get to make a lot of bird puns.

Here’s what you’ll find on Readynest:

  • An overview of the key steps to buying a house, broken into easily digestible topics
  • A chance to test your knowledge with MGIC’s free Homebuyer Education Test
  • Calculators, checklists and planners that can help you understand your options and make decisions
  • Stories and videos from real homebuyers and homeowners
  • Fun stuff like infographics and home décor tips

So sit tight while we work on hatching a bigger, better homebuying resource for you. We hope Readynest will help you feel ready to spread your wings, find a perch, and feather your nest! (This bird stuff just writes itself.)